Fundamentals of Establishing unified North African Currency

Mohamed Salem & Ruchita Anand
Bradley University
Foster College of Business

Extensive research is underway to establish unified common currency regions around the globe. The following study complements a study that was done by Achy (2006) in providing step-by-step guidelines towards establishing a common monetary region in North Africa (Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, and Mauritania), that could eventually lead to a beneficial common currency region to its members. This study concludes that the current political and economic situation is not suitable for any attempts to establish a common currency region. The road map starts with extra-political and intra-political issues while simultaneously trying to fix internal problems within each country, such as level of education and corruption. Finally the roadmap ends with recommending methods to increase trade between members and increase external investments. The opinion of the authors is that only after this road map is followed, a common currency would make sense.


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